**The van is for kit storage and transportation only, no patient transports will be made as the set medic is to remain on set. If a patient needs further medical assistance, we will help arrange transport to the appropriate medical facility.

Mike-Aid carries one of the most comprehensive Set Medic kits in the industry. From sound stage to the high desert, the kit is there in the trenches supporting your cast and crew. 

We carry many items that other Set Medic services do not. This is because we understand working on set for 12+ hour days takes a toll on the body. Need a toothbrush?no problem. How about a multi-vitamin? We've got you covered.

We arrive on set in our customized cargo van full of emergency-first aid and crew comfort supplies including the pharmacy on wheels--a customized cart designed 

to keep basic life support, first aid, over-the-counter medications and crew comfort supplies within reach.

Kit includes:

-2010 Ford Transit-Connect (no patient transports) 
-Cardiac Science (G3) Automated External Defibrillator (AED)
-Fully Stocked Trauma Pelican case and jump bag
-Oxygen / Airway Bag x 2 including:
Adult and Pediatric Non-Rebreather Masks
Adult and Pediatric Bag-Valve-Masks
Nasal Cannulas
Oropharangeal Airways
Nasopharangeal Airways
-Manual Suction Unit x 2
-Spineboard with Head Stabilization and Straps 
-Adult and Pediatric C-Collars
-Wool emergency shock blankets
-"OneTouch" glucose Monitoring Kit
-Complete Assortment of Gauze, Trauma Pads, Band-Aids, 
Triangular Bandages, Tape/Coban, Wraps, etc.
-Full Pelican case Burn Kit including:
Burn Gels, Burn Blankets, Facial Burn Mask etc.
-Full Pelican case Splint Kit including:
-Kendrick Style Traction Splint
SAM Splint
Padded Board Splints
Air Splints
Finger And Toe Splints
-Emergency OB Kit
-Insect Sting / Snake Bite Kits
-Antiseptic / Pain Relief Sprays
-Oral Hygiene Kit including:
Mints, Assorted Gums, Mouthwash, Floss, Toothbrushes / Toothpaste
-Cold / Flu Medicines
-Assorted Multi-Vitamins, Herbal Supplements-Teas
-Assorted Over-The-Counter Pain Relievers
-Crew Comfort Supplies
-OSHA Certified Bio-Hazard Clean-Up Kit-Fire Extinguisher

-Steel Cart on 12" Pneumatic Wheels with Umbrella
-Mobile First-Aid Kit bag and OTC Pelican case (Condensed, Quick Kit)
...and much more....

*Trained in Bloodborne Pathogen safety 
*Our equipment meets or exceeds OSHA first-aid kit standards
*We carry liability insurance through HPSO for professional healthcare providers